Alive and Cooking!! And a homemade pizza recipe.

Perhaps no one noticed, but it has been a little more than a month since I visited the bloggers world, let alone post a blog myself. There were several reasons. Firstly, I was having a little bit of a morning sickness that lasted the whole day. (Yay! I’m pregnant with my second one) 🙂 Nothing too bad of a morning sickness. Just wasn’t having great appetite or interest in cooking or watching cook shows and pictures of it. It made me feel like throwing up. But I didn’t (thank God!). And then towards mid June, I went off to Malaysia (Yayy!!) but it was slightly of a bad time to go as we experienced one of the worst haze conditions in many many years. Oh well, we did have the last 3 days of our stay haze free. Either way, it was a good holiday where I got to visit family and friends and eat at my favourite places. Maybe I didn’t get to them all but I covered the important ones.

Now I am back to the land down under and it’s winter. Brrrr… Although the winter here isn’t as bad as it could be in other parts of the globe (and I should be grateful that I am lucky to get some sunshine during the winter days) but I’m just not used to the cold. You can’t blame me. I come from a tropical country. Sigh..but I suppose I’ll manage.

Food has become more fun now as I found, cooking keeps me warm. I could be imagining this or it’s just the feeling of keeping busy, I dunno. The heat from the wok or the warmth of the meal grilling in the oven is quite comforting really. This post is less of a food post. But I feel bad leaving it without one small recipe. Here is my quick and easy pizza dough recipe.


  • 2 cups of plain flour
  • 3/4 ~1 cup warm to hot water (but not boiling)
  • 2~3 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 sachet of dry yeast (7g)
  • pinch of salt


  1. Mix all dry ingredients together and finally adding the water to make a dough. I find some days I need more water than others but never needing more than 1 cup. I recommend kneading the dough with 3/4 cup of water first and add more if required.
  2. Once you have your dough in a ball, put in a big enough bowl and cling wrap the bowl and leave the bowl at warm spot. Not necessary under the sun or in the oven. Leave it for at 30~45mins.
  3. The dough will almost double in size. Punch the dough a few times to release the air pockets. And then roll it out onto a pizza tray. This recipe can get a you a large pizza. As for the toppings, just get creative and you can put extra cheese, extra ham, extra olives or extra everything and create a bomb of a pizza.Yum!!
  4. Bake pizza at 200 C for 30~45mins