Cajun style Pork Chops, Cauliflower Steak and Green Peas

Once in a while, I get inspired to do something creative. And when I say creative, it could just mean a good presentation and the cooking part could be the easiest task. This was one of those days. I visualized this meal before I started making it and glad that the outcome was exactly how I imagined it to be. The plus is that, it tastes just as divine. Though I’m hardly the pork chops person, I’m glad my husband enjoyed this thoroughly.

The pork chops for this dish is crumbed like they do it in Chinese restaurants in Malaysia. I was reminded of it when I watched Nigella making pork chops like this. I twisted her recipe a little by using cajun bread crumbs instead of regular bread crumbs. The cajun style bread crumbs is filled with herbs and spices that works so well.


  • 2 pork tenderloin cutlets
  • 1 egg
  • cajun bread crumbs
  • 2 cauliflower steaks (you can only get 2 steaks max from 1 whole cauliflower)
  • Green peas
  • 1/2 cup cream
  • 2 cloves garlic chopped fine


  1. Caramelize the cauliflower with olive oil and salt till both sides are cooked. 
  2. Beat an egg with salt and pepper, dunk your pork cutlets into the egg batter before rolling it on the bread crumbs. Fry the pork chops till both sides are pretty and bronze
  3. Boil the peas in a pot till its cooked.
  4. For the gravy; using the same pan that you cooked the pork chops, add more olive oil and saute the  garlic before adding in the cream. Turn off the flame before the cream starts boiling. You can add some butter if you like.
  5. Final step, plate up